While the holiday season is full of doses, family and a lot of good food is also a time when it is full of extra opportunities winning.

Many companies are looking for extra help, families are looking for some help and people are looking to buy things. All this adds that it’s a great time to earn a little extra money if you like.

Whether you are looking to take advantage of all the ways to win, or are in desperate need for some extra money, these ideas will get you there.

On this site I will reveal the best ways in my view how to take advantage of the growing currency market, especially bitcoin, ethereum as the oldest and most stable currencies.

This does not mean that you can not make money with other currencies such as Verge, Stratis, Neo, Electroneum, etc.

Most other currencies you can buy for just $ 0.01 (or even fewer) and just keep them, some will increase in value many times (100% or even 1000% or more!)

In these difficult economic times, sometimes the only way for many of us to stay on top of our accounts is to find another source of income. Whether you are someone who has a job looking for a way to earn extra income or a mom who stays at home looking for a way to supplement her husband’s income, it is often not feasible to take a second job. Below is a list of ways you can earn extra money in your free time without having a second job.

Sign up Program

Sign up for the eHow Authors Compensation Program. If you are an American citizen with a social security number and a PayPal account, just go to and sign up for the program. In your spare time, write some articles and expect to start the rest of the income. It may take a few months to start earning a decent amount, but it is not uncommon for writers with a fairly large article library to earn $ 200 + per month.

Work from home as seasonal customer service Rep

Scrolling on social networks, posting and generally looking at social networks and the Internet have become an integral part of everyday life.

Recent research has said that in Greece the majority of children under the age of 13 have already been introduced to social media, while a study by Ofcom for Britain suggests that adults spend an average of one day each week on the Internet, with only 12% of British adults use the Internet.

But there is a way, rather than wandering unnecessarily on the internet, using this time creatively and making money online.

Daily Mail gives you six easy ways to increase your income while you just look at the Internet:

Sell ​​your platelets. This may sound inappropriate for many people, but you can earn extra money by helping people as well. If you are in good shape, you can sell your platelets up to 24 times a year. It takes 1-2 hours to complete the donation, but most blood centers will pay you $ 50- $ 70 per donation. Over a year, this is an extra $ 1200 – $ 1400.

Babysit at the weekends or evenings. Many adults do not bother taking care of children because that was something they did as a teenager, but many parents would pay $ 15 an hour for an adult to watch their child. If you limit your availability for evenings and younger children, you will find that the babysitting child will be asleep most of the time as you are there, releasing you to watch movies or TV. Instead of watching TV at home and not winning anything, you now earn $ 15 per hour to do it.

Do online surveys

Do online surveys. Be careful with this, because there are many scams out there. Keep in mind that you never have to pay to receive emails. You also have to spend a few minutes browsing the internet to find out what is legitimate. You can only earn $ 1 – $ 5 per survey, but quickly add up.

Sell ​​your unwanted items on eBay, craigslist or other websites on the internet. If something around your house collects dust, why not sell it? Sites like eBay reach a large audience, but you have to pay a registration fee to the company, even if the item does not sell. Locations like craigslist are free, but your buyers are usually limited to them on your local market.

Host at night for parents

And who would not want an extra income! Pretty much, we have all thought we could achieve that. Many, however, do not spend either time or effort on this, as hours of work. Studies and other obligations do not leave much free time.

However, this may not require the great effort that many imagine. There are ways to make money easily and in a short time. It is neither a fraud nor something illegal. Learn how to make money easily in 5 simple ways that you might not have thought about!

During the holiday season, parents need quality childcare choices more than ever. They have holiday parties to watch and shop for Christmas. If you are like me, it is not enough until full-time babysitting. But could happily manage about 10 hours a week, hosting a parent’s night out is a good choice.

My town works like this: Few babysitters host the parents’ night on most Friday and Saturday evenings. They charge $ 30 per child and babysit from 7 pm – at midnight. They provide food, work with children and watch a movie. (Although I’m sure most of the kids 6 and under are sleeping 9!)

If you are not happy to offer this service to those you are unfamiliar with, offer your friends and family. You could watch 5 kids for five hours and earn $ 150. Or you can do so on Friday and Saturday night and double your winnings.

There are many ways …

There are many ways to earn extra cash during this holiday season. You are limited only by your creativity. Assign your ability and your spare time to an idea and give the solution. If you are trying a free idea. That is, it is not a business that you have to put in thousands of dollars), you have nothing to lose!

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