Auto Insurance – Substitution of Insurance and General Liability Insurance

Auto Insurance

Substitution of insurance and general liability insurance

Auto Insurance: One of the contributions was of particular interest at a recent scientific conference organized by the Patras Law Association. And the Journal of Transport Law Review in Patras on. “The Road Accident-Urban Responsibility of the Respondents”. The reason is that the rapporteur has “revealed” a “well trapped trap” to the delegates.

Which is covered by Article 7 of Law 489/1976 and according to which a large circle of persons does not have the right to ask the insurer. To restore the damage suffered as a result of his personal injury. When the car on which he is engaged in a traffic accident due to the fault of that vehicle’s driver.

This exclusion from the right to compensation or financial compensation also applies to his relatives. If that person is killed as a result of the accident. The jurors in their overwhelming majority. While others did not realize the gravity of the consequences of this regulation. For victims of road accidents but also for their relatives.

It is correct that in her statement, the above-mentioned rapporteur pointed out that this provision of Article 7. Hides well-trapped traps and falls into a new unknown exception to the insurance contract. Which is not included in any insurance policy and which almost none of us know. And continuing with her thoughts, she approaches with the following realistic question. The misty image of the average citizen, legal or otherwise, around this issue:

“Whoever of us knows that, when driving a vehicle owned by. Or owned by relatives or friends of the individual proprietor or the insurers.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance Read More About it Below.


As deviating from the general insurance coverage rule for “any third party”. As defined by Articles 2(1)(a) and 6(2)(a) of Law 489/1.

Unlike the exceptions set out in Article 6 of the law. Which are formulated directly in law but also included in insurance. Contracts and are known to all for all of these reasons. These are the exceptions to (a) the driver without a legal driving licence. The driver who drives under the influence of alcohol or toxic substances. And (c) the different use of the injurious vehicle is distinct from that specified. In the insurance and marketing authorizations contracts. These exceptions are:



You should generally take some basic insurance classes to become an insurance agent and pass a national examination, which you can do before or after recruiting by an established automobile insurance firm. The process depends on the state, so the first step is to find out how you need to work with the situation.

Insurance Training

To go directly to the Insurance Committee website in your State, click the target state on the NAIC & jurisdictions map. Search for a property and an accident insurance license when you’re here.

Before you obtain the licence, the states will vary in the amount of training. You’ll need 20 hours of credit in Oregon. For example, while you’ll have to do 40 hours in Louisiana for providers. The course covers motor insurance laws in your country, general policy and other key elements. For customer selling of insurance products. In each state, the internet and the classroom will contain a list of approved schools. Select the best budget and time frame for your budget.

Auto Insurance reviews

Following your training course and the exams conducted through the training program. Visit the National Insurers Register and pay for the property. And accident pre-licensing examination covering the subjects you learnt in your training programme. When you pass the examination. Before you receive your license for that state. You must submit a set of fingerprints to the state Insurance Committee.

Auto Insurance

“Private Insurance: Automotive Difference Resolution: Accident Insurance Summary”

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On the first day of the two-day conference Mr Stelios Manousaki, President of SAB, addressed. The issues of “accident insurance and private insurance compensation.”

This book presents the minutes of the two-day. Conference held in Athens on 15 and 16 October 2010. At the “LEGAL LIBRARY” (Mavromichalis 23) building in the “Europe” Hall.   Road Accident Compensation-Automotive Dispute Procedures.”

During the second round of the first day. Panagiotis Vrettos “Traffic accidents involving illegal advertising signs and false security guards” and the lawyer Mr. Marinette Gounaris entitled “Practical issues-Proposals-Compensation for road accidents”

Also during the first day’s second round with a general theme “Private Insurance,” with President-Coordinator Areopagitis, et. Mr. Achilleas Dafoulis, Professor Ioannis Rokas’s contributions. “The protection of vehicle insurance policyholders following amendments to Law 3557/2007. And the abolition of the Defense Ministry 585/1978,” Lawyer Mr. Eva Varouchaki,

The lawyer Georgios Manousakis is Cessation of an insurance contract in third party compulsory liability insurance Po terrain car accidents. Following the authority of N 3557/2007 and attorney K. Vasileiou Kourti ‘ I ‘ Current legal development aims. At reinforcing the reliability of insurance companies and ensuring the protection of the compensation recipients. ‘

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Auto Insurance
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